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Castle of Hearts Opening Part I

The opening is really long so I'll be splitting it into two for now. I'll post the second part later..

Alice: The roses in this castle are truly beautiful.

Alice: (And because they're beautiful...maintaining them is a serious affair. They don't just have a beautiful appearance, maybe it can also be said they're realistic.)

Water flooded from the mouth of the hose, soaking the green leaves. I watched the red petals soak up the moisture and naturally let out a sigh. I admired the people who maintained the roses and wanted to thank them for their hardship. From the flowers that bloom to the colour tone of the furniture, the castle was united in red. Watering the plants in this garden by all rights isn't part of my work. The soldiers and the gardeners are in charge of keeping the roses beautiful. I am one of the maids, so housekeeping is my main area of responsibility. So as to why I'm watering the plants...

Soldier: Yes, it's dreadful. The roses near the fountain haven't been watered yet.

Soldier 2: Knowing Her Majesty, we will...

By chance, my work had just finished and in front of me were soldiers raising their voice in despair. “Off with their heads” was the Queen's favourite phrase. If she found out that the maintenance of the roses that she loved was neglected, she would surely cut off their heads. In anything related to executions, Vivaldi's orders won't be sweet. In addition to that, due to the fact that the roses weren't taken care of sufficiently, the work isn't being done sufficiently. Even if I intervened, changing her mind would be difficult.

Alice: (I can't prevent everything...And I'd also like to refrain from seeing someone that I know having their head cut off)

So since I had free time I offered to help, though this is harder than I thought. This castle is vast. It's so vast that putting a small town here wouldn't be difficult. Even a small part of the castle if plenty enough space for a small person like me.

Alice: ...However I can't escape this trouble

The roses that the Queen loves isn't unimportant to me as well. Since I came to this castle a long time ago, they've always been beautiful and strong. I've always felt something like admiration for them. Until now, I thought them to be very beautiful

Ace: It's rare seeing you watering the plants, haha.

A person as red as the roses appeared from the rose bush I was watering. The man who wore a refreshing smile that never changed approached me casually. I often see rose leaves and smalls branches from a variety of trees on his hair.

Alice: (Where the heck did you go this time?)

Ace: I was travelling when I heard the sound of water. At some time, I even thought I was near a river.

Alice: Here is the castle. There's no riverside here.

Ace: That's strange. I was going to the Tower of Clover and yet, why did I return to the castle?

Alice: Um...I wonder why you appeared at anywhere but the entrance?

As usual, an ordinary person like me finds it hard to understand such a bewildered style. When he gets here, you might say it's a praiseworthy act.

Alice: ...

Alice: (Ah, he's a bad influence)

I've had plenty of time to get used to his habit of getting lost and yet I'm still amazed. Recently I've indulged in saying “Because it's Ace”, so somehow I think it's ok.

Alice: (Getting used to this is frightening)

Ace: Hahaha, you're right you know. The bright red castle is painful on the eye, if there's two it's unbearable.

Alice: Here is you workplace, no mistaking it.

Ace didn't say anything, unable to understand my sarcasm so I resumed the watering. The sound of the water hitting the leaf was pleasant and wonderful. It's unusual for there to be rain in this world. The weather is always fixed and even the season doesn't change with the exception of the special period know as April Season.

Alice: (I miss the sound of raindrops, however it's a strange thing to say. But...once in a while I long for it and it becomes a painful feeling.)

Ace: Am I not allowed to help too?

Ace: With watering the roses?

His voice jumped up involuntarily at the unexpected proposal. When I looked at Ace I was surprised as he tilted his head to the side in curiosity.

Ace Eh, what is with that reaction. Hey, you hurt my feelings...Isn't it natural for the girl to treat the knight kindly?

Ace seemed to be dissatisfied with my words as he pouted his lips like a child. However, it's Ace that I'm talking about. He's the castle's best...well, including his own territory, he's a troublemaker who fight with one or two other territories.

Alice: (If I leave it to him, more trouble will happen.)

I shook my head gently, whilst giving a candid impression. To a degree I'm the same as him, not having an obedient personality and not being open about my feelings.

Alice: It's okay, aren't you busy as well?

Ace: But, taking care of the roses isn't your job. So don't you need someone's help? Even though I want to help you. I want to help my favourite, that isn't a strange thing!

He smiled sweetly and stretched his large hand towards me. The hand that easily wields a large sword normally and is incomparable to my own small hand takes mine firmly. In other words, he could easily disregard my words and take the hose away from me. Ace's intention was to take the hose away whilst I was making up excuses. I felt such an atmosphere so I'd like to keep it with me till the end.

Alice: (Hmm...it seems like he's going to say something.)

Leaving the task of watering the plants makes me feel uneasy. Above all, I work to keep myself from being thrown out.

Ace: Hey, Alice. Lend it to me.

But, he extended his hand naturally towards me and at last I nodded in agreement.

Alice: If you really want to, but it's only for this part.

He received the hose respectfully, but I didn't relax.

Ace: You don't need to be so reserved...haven't we got a good relationship with each other?

Ace utilised his tall height with the hose that he obtained, the surrounding trees was sprayed with water from a higher position than me. The sparkle and irregular reflection of the light mixed with his refreshing smile.

Alice: (He looks cool like this..., he's a Knight for sure)

When it comes to the people of this world, they can't be dealt with through ordinary means. Especially Ace. His speech, disconnected behaviour and the way he utilises his body is quite complex.

Ace: Erm...didn't it reach over there? The hose doesn’t seem to be able extend any further.

I looked to where he was facing, the hedge became a small bush of roses.

Ace: Ah, I give up. It almost seemed to reach there...

Alice: If that's the case, we'll take the water from another place. In the vast garden, there are various places to draw water from such as a water fountain or tap. Even if I get nothing from one place, there are many other places.

Ace: Ah, Alice. Even if I don't replace the stopper on the hose it will be okay.

Alice: Eh? But, how will it reach from there?

No matter how long Ace's limbs are, the length of the hose won't change. That's what I thought but what was he thinking of? He removed the spout at the tip of the hose.

Alice: Ace?

Alice: (What are you trying to do?)

Ace: Alright, with this it will be fine. Alice, step away for a moment.

Alice: ? Ye, yeah, I understand.

I took several steps back as he said. The water of the hose gushed out from his hand.

Ace: When you make such a point...Hey!

Alice: Yes, I see.

By narrowing the mouth of the hose, the hydraulic pressure increased, expanding the distance.

Ace: When you do it this way, it even reaches the hedge.

Alice: Right, it certainly does.

I was worried, but this time it seems it was for nothing. Ace changed the pressure he put on the hose with his hand to control the distance of the water. The pleasant sound of water could be heard and farther away a constant drip...

Vivaldi: Who is it!? The person who is spreading water over here!

Peter: Spraying water on me...This will cost you certain death!

Two different angry voices sounded.

Alice: …

Alice: Eh?

Alice: (Just now...those voices I heard, there's no mistake!)

Ace: Hey, why am I hearing Her Majesty's and Peter-san's voices? I wonder if it's in my imagination?

And now, the water still kept coming out of the hose in his hand. And in addition to that...he done it energetically.

Alice: (Why doesn't he stop? This idiot!)

Vivaldi: Didn't you hear me? Stop I said! The foolish people on the other side will have theirs necks cut off! By sprinkling water on us, you ruined our tea party. You will be executed at once!

Soldier: Cer, certainly!

Soldier 2: Come at once!

Peter: I do not need the helping hand of the faceless...I will execute the fools who are spraying water on me with my own hands.

Alice: (Ah...why are those two here at such a time?)

Peter: Ace is the one over there! Also it's you...Alice!

As soon as he found me, Peter jumped over the bush and changed his expression completely.

Peter: What is it that happened for you to be in such a place? Is it because you came to meet me? If you say the word, I'll fly over to meet you anytime!

I'm glad water was poured on his head (to be truthful). Peter came over and spread his arms out to hug me. 


To be continued...

Sorry for some of the awkward translations. Any suggestions as to what event I should do next? Here are all the events on the Wonderful Wonder World side.



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Dec. 23rd, 2011 10:55 pm (UTC)
Thanks so much for posting this! It's hard to find translations or reviews for Quinrose games. I look forward to more!
Dec. 25th, 2011 02:28 am (UTC)
So you started with the regular world? I started with the magic world, and it's been a pain without a guide. I was disappointed when Lorina and the ex were also in it, I'm so sick of them. But I was happy to see she was friends with Peter before she went to the school and met everyone else. That was a nice new spin on their relationship.

As for the translation, there are some awkward phrases that could be easily fixed, but it's understandable.
Feb. 4th, 2012 09:32 am (UTC)
I'd suggest you to do Peter's route! 8DD
*gets hit*
Uhuu sorry I'm fangirling too much... or maybe did you found a part you wanted to translate already? ^.^

Anyway thanks for the prologue! o/ (Nice to see that Peter is as sticky as ever... *creepy laugh*)
Feb. 4th, 2012 09:49 am (UTC)
Thanks and I'm working on Peter's route right now. :)
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